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Effervescent or carbon tablets article

Multivatamin & multi meneral Effervescence


Effervescent or carbon tablets are tablets which are designed to break in contact with water or another liquid, releasingcarbon dioxide in the process. Rapid breakdown often may cause the tablets to dissolve into a solution, and is also often followed by a froth. These kind of tablets are usually used to deliver drugs or to encapsulate cleaning products, such as the enzymatic cleaners designed for wetsuits.

These tablets are products of compression of component ingredients into a dense mass, which is packaged in an airtight container or a blister pack. When is necessary, people can drop them into water or another liquid to make a solution. Cleaning tablets may be added to laundry or filled tubs of water, depending on the package directions.

Effervescent tablets are being used as products of pharmaceutical and dietary industry for decades. Consumption of these tablets is high in Europe, and it's growing in the USA.[1] 

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effervescent tablets Key facts about a unique,effective dosage form Robert E. Lee Amerilab Technologies Effervescence has proved its utility as an oral delivery system in the pharmaceutical and dietary industries for decades. In Europe, effervescent dosage forms are widespread, and their use is growing in the US because they offer pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies a way to extend their market share.This article summarizes the key facts about effervescent dosage forms, their formulation, and their manufacture.because few US companies have experience making effervescent tablets and powders, specialty contractors, such as the company I work for, do most of thework. This article describes what you should know about effervescent forms before hiring a manufacturer.You should understand what is possible and what is not.Copyright, CSC Publishing. Tablets & Capsules Active ingredients

There are several categories of active ingredients:Those that are difficult to digest or disruptive to the stomach. A classic example is calcium carbonate, the mostwidely used form of calcium. In a normal tablet or powder,the calcium carbonate dissolves in the stomach acid and is carried into the digestive system for absorption.However, calcium carbonate releases carbon dioxide when it dissolves in the GI, which usually produces gas inthe stomach. On the other hand, as people age, they have less acid in the stomach, and thus a calcium carbonate tablet may pass through the stomach without dissolving. That, in turn, may lead to constipation. However, if the calcium carbonate is taken in an effervescent formulation, the calcium dissolves in water, is readily available forthe body to absorb, and there is no risk of excessive gas in the stomach or of constipation.Those that are pH-sensitive, such as amino acids and antibiotics. The low pH in the stomach can cause active ingredients to become denatured, lose activity, or cause them to remain inactive. Effervescet ingredients, however, can buffer the water-active solution so that the stomach pH increases (becomes less acidic) and thus prevent the degradation or inactivation of the active ingredient. This buffering effect (via carbonation) induces the stomach to empty quickly—usually within 20 minutes— into the small intestine. The result is maximum absorption of the active ingredient [1]. Those requiring a large dose. A typical effervescent tablet (1 inch in diameter weighing 5 grams in total)


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