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Production OEM

All products are tailored in tastes, formulas and packaging designs to meet each individual customer’s specific requirements to your satisfaction. Our professional team is also on hand to give customers consultation on current trend, brand design, local legal requirements and much more.



Energy Drinks

Widely popular across the globe, energy drinks are being consumed to provide mental and physical stimulation and are also gaining popularity as a mixer for cocktails. Our energy drinks can be manufactured tailored to specific flavors, colors and formulas. We also offer an option of carbonated energy drinks as well.

Energy Drinks


Sparkling Energy Drinks



Sport Drinks



Milky Drinks

Milk is one of the primary sources of nutrition for human, containing high level of protein, calcium and a number of vitamins. We offer large variety of flavored milks. Our products range from non-dairy milk such as coconut milk, soymilk or cornmilk, to dairy-based milk such as banana milk. We also have tea and coffee drinks products available.

Coconut Milk

Other Milk

Tea/ Coffee


Fruity Drinks 

Thailand is well known for a variety of delicious and exotic tropical fruits. Our fruit juices are based on high quality raw materials that we source fresh from local farmers. Fruit juices are one of the most popular choices for customers to quench their thirst and also provide good sources of vitamins and minerals for their health.


Fruit Juice




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