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International Trading Department

International Trading Department

In recent years, our business has shown significant growth in the local market of Thailand. Our continuous hard work and dedication has expanded our business to overseas markets, especially in Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific regions.

We export pharmaceutical and food supplement products under "COX" and "JSP" brands with GMP CERTIFICATE facilities. We guarantee excellent quality of our products which meet international specifications. We also provide OEM product service to customers who want manufacturer brands or own label brands.

We import and export many products such as Pharmaceuticals/ Herbal products/ Dietary supplements/ Medical devices/ Cosmetic products. We export our products to Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, etc and import pharmaceutical and dietary supplements from China, Malaysia, Iran, Bangladesh, India, and others.

Our employees are well trained and specialized in managing Regulatory Affairs for pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, medical devices and cosmetics registration at Thai FDA. Our team prepares dossiers according to ASEAN guideline and also can adapt to the client’s nation’s guideline. We have maintained good relationship with Thai FDA.

We are open to opportunities and consider every prospective partner who approaches us with a proposal regarding distribution, product registration, expanding market size, etc.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the leading companies not only in Thailand but globally. Our goal is also to manufacture our products by following PIC/S GMP standard. We want to make high contribution to improve economics of our country and improve quality of living of people by proving them with high quality goods and services. This can only be possible with your trust and support.


nternational Trading Department

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International Trading Manager

 (+66) 85-112-1071

 :    : gig_kanokporn 



Export Officer

  : (+66)89-977-04


    سѹ ͵ó      

Regulatory Affairs Officer   

                    : 02-2841218 Ext.307                     








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